A Look At When You Should Replace Common Household Items

One of the most popular questions most people have is when should they replace their commonly used household items. Most of these items don’t have a visible expiry date, which can lead to a great amount of confusion. So, with that said, we’ll take a look at when you should replace these items.

Now, the first thing that we will look at is sponges. In particular, if you tend to wash your dishes by hand using a sponge, then it is very important that you replace these every 2 to 8 weeks. If you don’t replace your sponges, then they can become a breeding ground for a host of germs and bacteria. It is best that you also clean them after every use or few uses and you can do this by microwaving the sponge or even boiling it.

Next, we will look at the toothbrush. It is best that you replace your toothbrush every 3 months since the bristles will wear out after a few months and it can also gain a lot of bacteria over time. By replacing your toothbrush regularly, it will ensure that you’re doing your best to keep your teeth and gums clean.

Another household item that you should check and replace regularly is the toilet brush. These don’t have a specific time frame but once it starts to look too old, dirty and grimy, then you should throw it away and get a new one.

Look at the damage wirings or outlets not working. Oahu electrical repair has a professional and licensed electrician to check and fix it for you.

Your pillows are another item that should be replaced at least once every 2 years. This is extremely important since these tend to collect skin cells, germs, dust mites and bacteria almost every night. Of course, you can wash your pillows to increase their life but once they don’t feel as supportive as they once did, then it is time to replace them.

You should replace your old roof, especially it has a hole. Roofing Maui has quality materials and excellent customer service.

Consider adding a new layer of stucco of your home. This can have a range of positive effects on your home, but best of all it can really increase its visual appeal. If you have a pool, you can resurface or recoat it from a pool repair service.

You should repair or replace your rotten decks at home from a skilled deck contractor for safety.

In closing, we have just looked at when you should replace common household items. Be sure to research more on other household items and when you should replace them to ensure that your home is as clean and healthy as possible.