Advertise/ PR requests

Hi friends! I am trying to fine tune my private advertising program, for now, I am only offering two ad spot options for bloggers: the premium spot and the social spot.  For businesses and brands, the ad spots work differently and I’m happy to work with you to find what works best for you.


Here is my guest post policy which pertains to all bloggers, businesses, and brands regardless of the way in which we work together.  Some of the policy may or may not apply to you, but please read it over anyway and I will emphasize any parts that apply to you through our communication.


If you are interested in being featured on The Charming, please email me and we can chat more.


If you would like to guest post outside of advertising, you can contact me here to get more information.

If you would like an updated advertising kit, please email me here.

For sponsored posts, please email me. I accept guest posts and sponsored posts on a per case basis. I expect family and children friendly content and products only.

For non-Bloggers, companies, and brands, please inquire here and I can send you a media kit which will explain the many ways that we can work together.

Thank you!