About Amy


Hello!  I’m Amy.

I’m a twenty-something wife and furmama.  Currently, I am in nursing school.  I keep changing my mind about what type of nursing I want to pursue because the further I get in my hospital rotations, the more I fall in love with the entire field of nursing.  I love research so much so I know I ultimately want to pursue a career in research.  Right now, I’m thinking pediatric oncology/hematology.


On the side?  Oh, I love all that you will probably see on this blog: photography, design, cooking, fashion, DIY, interior decorating, fellow bloggers, online shops, etc.


When I’m not doing all of the above?  You’ll find my snuggle up on the couch with my little family watching a movie.  Occasionally, I find the opportunity to sneak off to do some traveling.  I love discovering new things to do, even if it’s around my home state of Georgia.


my family

I married the husband on June 16, 2012, and my family was completed… for now at least.  Before that, it was just me, my amazing parents, and my older brother.  Now, I have a whole bunch of in-laws.  My family is ginormous now!  I love it!  But my new main family is my husband and our three fur-babies.  God really has blessed me.  I say all the time that God created me with Duncan in mind.  He’s a great counterpart for me and I just hope he feels the same about me.  We have two cats, named Liam and Callie, and they are the sweetest little felines.  Then, there’s Shelby, our happy little terrier hybrid.


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If you are interested in chatting, feel free to email me at [email protected].  I love meeting new people & fellow bloggers!  Otherwise, thank you for stopping by & I hope you have a wonderful & delightfully charming rest of your day!