Tips for Great Wedding Makeup

When it comes to your special day, of course, you want to look your best. Therefore, it’s imperative to handle your makeup correctly! In this article, we will share some foolproof tips on how to do a wedding makeup.

1. Nothing Reflective

When it comes to eyeshadow, the best way to go is matte. Why? Anything with a sparkly or shiny texture and appearance will end up reflecting back in your wedding photographs. So when shopping for your makeup, stick with matte eyeshadow.

2. Keep It Simple

It’s not recommended that you select a smokey eye for your wedding makeup. In fact, keeping your eyes simple is a great idea. Consider a classic look that you can be happy with when you look back at your wedding photos years after tying the knot. Neutral shades look great, and won’t take away from your wedding day look.

For beautiful eyeshadow, one or two eyeshadow shades look best. Three should be your maximum amount of colors. Place your lightest shade on your brow bone, or the part that is right under your eyebrow. A little bit of this color on the inside of your eye, next to your tear duct, will help you to look awake and alert, as well. A darker shade works best in the crease of your eye, and if you opt for three shades, light shade is ideal for the eyelid, albeit not as light as the shade used for your brow bone.

Use a tiny bit of mascara and eyeliner to round the look out. A bonus tip? For longer and fuller lashes, lightly brush on the foundation before adding a coat of mascara using an eyeshadow brush. Once should be enough. Resist the urge to overapply your mascara. You can also get eyelash extensions to make your whole look more attractive. Eyelash extensions in Oahu can give you high-quality materials at affordable prices.

3. Lip Color

You want to choose a lip color that will last through your day, and be smudge-resistant. Select a shade that is fitting for your theme, but makes sure your lips are dry before application. Use a lip liner close slightly darker than your lip color, and then apply your lipstick (don’t use lip gloss). Blot with tissue paper, and then re-apply. Your lip color will stay and look great for hours.