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ABCDEF’s: Skin Cancer Awareness

2008 was the year of funerals.  There was this one funeral in particular, I just wasn’t prepared for, something no one was prepared for.  Now, before you stop reading, I promise I will make this quick, but this post has an extremely important message.
In July of 2008, I was working at a photographer’s studio when I got the message from a good friend of mine that I know she was praying she would never have to send: her brother has lost his battle to melanoma.  It still brings me to tears thinking about it and the memories I have from those following days.  He was trying to finish up college at the University of Georgia.  He was about the age I am now and he had a wife who loved him with every fiber of her being.  I can still remember how heartbreaking it was watching her kiss him in his coffin because she couldn’t let go.  Of course, this isn’t even mentioning his family.  I had spent the years prior with his sister who was one of my best friends high school (and still a good friend today).  I couldn’t not be there for my friend, and I made sure not to leave her side and I did what I could for her parents.
The take-home message that I will never forget: he was a very young, hispanic (aka non-Caucasian) male; naturally tan skin, dark brown hair, brown eyes.  He wasn’t your stereotype, a beach blonde who spent hours in the sun as a kid trying to get that right summer tan.  He was a hardworking med student at a prestigious school with a family he loved to pieces and a wife he loved just as much.
But with the anniversary of his death approaching, the fact that I work in oncology, and it being summer time, I can’t not think about how that could have been me, or it still could.  I’m the stereotype, you know?
I go yearly to the dermatologist.  My dad, husband, and grandfather go yearly, as well.  The four of us have had some worrisome spots that we got removed.  My motto is to just go ahead and take off the spots, don’t give me “let’s see how it looks in a month or two.”  I have had two precancer moles removed in five years.  Precancer now could be staged in a few years.  Maybe I’m paranoid?  Eh, I still tan sometimes in the sun so I wouldn’t say that.  I consider myself aware to possibilities.  If I know that I’m a prime candidate for x, y, and z, I’m going to take the necessary steps to avoid x, y, and z.  If I still get them?  Well, I’ll catch ‘em early.  If I don’t, pat myself on the back, right?
In a world where the darker the better and young people are incredibly and frustratingly unaware and ignorant (and know it!), it really does hurt me.  That’s why I’m in nursing school, you know.  I am a big advocate for public health and awareness.  So enough blabbering on, because today I am going to teach you something.
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15 Week #bumpdate

15 weeksBaby is still there.  That sounds so morbid, but if you’ve ever been pregnant then you know just how much that feeling can weigh on you between check ups.  Exposure to the medical world and the blogging world also makes it more apparent just how common unfortunate things happen during pregnancy, most especially in the first trimester.  It’s just a little bit like walking on egg shells for nine months, especially when you’ve previously had a miscarriage.

Check out my 12 weeks update here.

How far along? 15 weeks today

How big is baby? Size of an apple.

Important baby milestones this week: lungs and senses

Total weight gain: It depends on the scale.  At the midwife it looked like six pounds gained (with clothes on), a few hours later, it was like two pounds gained on my scale at home that I usually weigh myself on.  So my scale might be wrong in terms of correct weight, but since that’s what I usually weigh myself on, I feel confident that I’ve only gained a few pounds.

Maternity clothes? Yes.  I have a belly band and officially purchased maternity shorts from Old Navy.  I could probably get away without them, but it’s summer and I’d like to have the option to wear shorts and shorts and pants are simply putting a little tight pressure on baby/bladder.

Exercise? Swimming and being a nurse.

Sleep? Eh. It takes a long time to get comfortable and I’m waking up every few hours to use the toilet, but otherwise I think I’m getting the right amount of sleep.

Movement? Too early to feel anything.  And no “flutters.”

Food cravings?  Soup and popsicles.

Food aversions?  Most things, it makes it hard to even cook dinner.  And I wouldn’t even call them aversions, I just simply am uninterested in most foods.

What I miss: having a glass of wine.  I’ve been stressed lately, so something to get the edge off would be very very lovely…

What I’m looking forward to: our gender determination 3D ultrasound.

Milestones: belly is starting to get a little rounder (ergo, look pregnant versus bloated/fatty).  We are in the SECOND trimester.  Alleluia.  Miscarriage risk goes down dramatically and we’re 1/3 of the way there.  Husband was like “oh, we’re almost there!”  And I was like, “no, that’s the third trimester mark.”

Say What? Not a lot of people know at work, which is where I spend most of my time nowadays.  Not a lot of friends and family comment, probably because I have been so busy at work I haven’t seen them.

Sweet Moments: Went in for monthly check up and I’ve just been mostly asymptomatic, apathetic about baby (not that I’m not excited), and I work with chemotherapy, that I was just completely surprised that baby was still there when I went in shortly before my second trimester point and the midwife found the heartbeat.  Kid’s still there.  It was a beautiful reassuring sign.  I immediately wanted to buy a doppler of my own.

Make Room for BabyWe are starting to financially plan for baby.  We wanted to wait until after our vacation, and so here we are.  We have two large out of pocket expenses (we are doing cord blood banking and getting a doula), plus if kid comes even a day late we have to pay all over again for insurance.  So we just want to use my paycheck for those things and with having a little extra for when I’m on maternity leave not bringing in an income.  Otherwise, our to do list is to finish the guest room with the baby’s stuff, update our kitchen (so there is a better storage situation), and update our garage (also for storage solutions).  I’m about to have lots of baby stuff in our townhouse and I will absolutely not want to be tripping on stuff trying to get out the door so we’re hoping the garage and kitchen storage solutions will help us a bit.  That’s the goal for this summer!

Finding a New Routine – Marriage & Relationship Goals

View More: didn’t go into 2014 expecting our lives to be thrown upside down.  We had plans, you know?  And you know what they say about plans, the more you make, the more God laughs.  We did, however, expect me to get my license and find a job (albeit, I was surprised at how quickly one followed the other!).  Hey, I’m a nurse, I work three days a week, how hard could that be?  I have four days off, right?  Well, I feel like I’ve been nonstop for like two months now.  And finding out I was pregnant isn’t helping.  It only makes me that much more tired at the end of the week.

I’ve officially entered the second trimester and now I’m about to get busier with work.  The little free time we have turns into conversations about moving forward with what we need to do to prepare for baby as well as how my day went at the hospital.  I’m fortunate to have had a few days with husband in Puerto Rico, but I’m quickly finding I’m going to need another one soon.  Mr. Charming spent this weekend by himself.  Okay, we visited friends Friday, he went rock climbing with my brother Saturday, and he was helpful and did house things on Sunday, but it’s one of the first weekends he barely saw me because I was working.

Speaking of the end of the week and weekends, when you work both Saturday and Sunday that kind of changes your definition of a weekend.  But it also changes a relationship.

The question is definitely begged that we need to work on a new routine for two reasons:

  1. We need a routine that gives us quality time together whenever that may be.  Where we are doing something without technology and getting out of the house to be together.  I mean, we only have a little bit more time where it is just us, right?  We should take advantage for our sanities, for our relationship, and as a practice for when youngin comes.
  2. Also, I’ve gotten into a bad housewife routine now that my schedule is all over the place.  When I get home from work, it’s frozen meals and soup for dinner if we aren’t ordering in.  If I work two days, have one day off, and then work again, I’m not so productive that one day off.  So four days go by without really a good home cooked meal (and forget about him getting his lunches made, poor guy has been on his own for lunch for at least a month, minus one day when I made him a boring sandwich).

I finally can take advantage of my three days on/four day off work schedule this week so I plan on doing some research, meal prep, and spending time with the Mister when he gets home.  I’ll chronicle all that is accomplished and not accomplished at the end of this month in case any of you are in the same boat!

If you have tips or suggestions, I am very open and almost desperate. 


Marriage & Relationship Goals

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