Our Living Room

As we’re making our first home more “lived in,” I’m finally getting around to take pictures to show you how we’re decorating our home.  I know quite a few people want me to do a home tour, so you can just check out all the posts as we’re sharing through the following category: Charming Home or Our First Home.
Living Room 1 Living Room 2

Main Living Area
Couches: Rooms To Go
Coffee Table: Rooms To Go
Pillow Covers: Assorted Etsy shops
Yellow Blankets: Target
White Plush Blanket: Bed, Bath & Beyond
Entertainment Console: Target

Fireplace Area
Pouf: Kohls
Mirror: Target
Scarf Valances: Bed, Bath & Beyond

Back Wall Area
Table: Target
Lamp Base: Target
Lamp Shade: Ballard Designs Outlet

The Blogging Obligation

Hello The Charming readers!

That’s me, Shane, and my beautiful mama.

I write over at Whispering Sweet Nothings. Please pop by and introduce yourself, I love new visitors :)


Now, here’s my take on the “Blogging Obligation”



I literally have one friend that blogs. The rest of my friends and family enjoy reading mine but say they would never be able to take one on themselves. In a perfect world, every one of my 756 friends on Facebook would switch over to blogging.  People would be real.  It wouldn’t be a slew of status updates, check-in’s and pointless drama. 



Now I know not everyone has the time, motivation or creativity to be a blogger.  But hey, I never in a million years thought I would be a blogger by any means.  I don’t plan to become the next Casey Wiegand and make a living from my blog (Although she is amazing, don’t get me wrong).
On blogging:  I feel like its something I “have” to do to keep my readers happy.   Even if I have 3 exams to study for, an interview to prepare for, and business meetings to attend each night.
And if you’re like me, you have way more obligations to take care of than hours in the day.
Blogging should not be an obligation.
It should be something you enjoy for you.  Not your 3456 followers, not for your mom, not for your dog.
I began Whispering Sweet Nothings when my lovely cousin Megan began the 30 Day Challenge and I just had to jump on board. After the 30 days I took a break for a few months, then decided to start back up while I spent the summer in DC.  It became a place for me to vent about emotions, express my creativity (something I don’t get much oppurtunity for stuck in an office dealing with finances 40+ hours a week), and just be me.
Once I really got going readership grew faster than I ever imagined…
then sponsor swapping began…
then the obligations came.
Sometimes I feel like I HAVE to post something each and every day.
Let’s face it, I don’t have a friend that will take a photo shoot of my less-than-stellar choice of outfits each and every day.  Being a college student, the only days I look nice are Friday through Sunday if I’m lucky.
My crafty side is seriously lacking… Scrapbooking is my only exception.
Sometimes I fall victim to throwing a bunch of Pins I find appealing on Pinterest which is clearly in no way my own ideas, simply because I don’t have the enough hours in the day. 


And I’m pretty positive I could burn boiling water…or cake pops. Fail!
I follow all these Mommy bloggers, fashion bloggers, DIY bloggers, none of which I fall under the umbrella of.  So what is my blog?  That is actually something I am still trying to define for myself.  I have “met” so many amazing people on here that I wish I could have as friends in real life. 


I promise I will keep up with all the sponsoring/giveaway/random goodness that happens on this blog, for years to come.  If I’m lucky, you will eventually see photo dumps of my future children.
I just don’t always have the gusto to promise that Monday will be outfit day, Tuesday will be X day, etc.  I have taken on a few projects: Bloggers Coast to Coast, Weekend Wanderings, and Operation Beautiful.
Blogs should be fun!  Your blog should be an expression of you, and not just for gaining followers, so in my opinion there is no “right” way to do it!  Just be YOU! 


So tell me, why are YOU here?

Monday Inspiration: Easter Monday Edition

I have briefly mentioned before, that Natasha from 1BrokeGirl did a Different Bloggers, Different Faiths series during Lent.  I participated myself and my post went live on Good Friday.  I just wanted to share some experts from my post and then the entire series because I thoroughly loved it.  I know I love my faith and it’s my rock in my life so I  enjoyed reading about the faith and foundation for others’ lives.

For those of you who don’t know, I’m a practicing Roman Catholic, and I have been since I got Confirmed in 2007.  I talk a little bit about what a normal week in my faith could look like, special celebrations, tangible items that are important to me and my faith, why my religion is special to me, and a few resources.

You can read about all of that in detail but here is what I said for why my religion in special to me:

Though, I was Baptized Catholic, I was also in a way a convert. Going nowhere fast in my public school, I transferred to a private Catholic school my sophomore year of high school. It was a slow process, but I eventually became a dedicated and motivated member of the Catholic Church my senior year of high school. I was so in love with Christ and my faith that I wanted to be a missionary (ended up not working out). I did however get involved with my college Catholic ministry and this is where I met my husband. We love Catholicism for many reasons but to sum it up: we obviously believe in all of it’s tenets, but we also love that the Church and the faith is universal (in fact, that is what “Catholic” stands for). I have been to Mass in many different countries though there are a few differences, the majority of it stays the same. I go to France and though I speak little French, including the necessary “Je suis Americain” when attending a French Mass, I am still well aware of what is going on and I’m with family. We just love that!

Of Course, there is always the beautiful feeling of wholeness and hope when someone believes in something higher than themselves, regardless of the name on the Church’s sign.

And here is the rest of the series:

Happy Friday!

Fun news! Annie from The Ranting Latina and I are teaming up to bring you monthly weeklong series. The hope is to help educate and engage with audiences on various topics. BUT we need the help of the pros (cough cough bloggers) who are pretty well-versed on these topics.  Here is some more information, including the sign up form after it.
We Do announcement


Why I liked men’s wedding bands at Angara?

Why I liked men’s wedding bands at Angara?

A post written for The Charming

Men are often overlooked in the jewelry section. There are exceptional options available for her wedding jewelry but when it comes about wedding bands for him, there are only countable options. So this post is for all those who are looking for smart men’s wedding bands.  I’m not getting married but I focused on men’s rings because a friend of mine is planning a summer wedding and I witnessed her struggling for perfect wedding band for her man.  So I got to know Angara through her. The couple has ordered their wedding rings from the online jeweler. She showed me the picture and explained how the store made their shopping so simple and memorable.

So I’ve checked this web store and honestly I can recommend it to all of you who are trying to get a really nice piece of jewelry within their wedding budget.  You can find everything that sparkles at Angara. Diamond, sapphires, rubies, emeralds and tanzanites are just to name a few gemstone options available in four different qualities. They have some awesome customization options: metal, stone grade and engraving.


And not to mention the men’s wedding ring section was all decked with smart and robust images. Even if your man doesn’t like to wear jewelry, he won’t mind to get a ring from Angara. The styles offered by the store include polished and rugged finish bands, and those studded with gemstones or sculpted. They range in pries and you can even opt for matching ring options. Surely, Angara makes jewelry shopping a memorable experience for all. And I can’t deny the fact that my friend is very happy to have those bands to mark the beginning of her new life.