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At the end of June, Mr. Charming and I went to Puerto Rico.  It was a vacation we desperately needed to take together and it most likely will be the only one we get together until well after the baby is born.  I had a gap of five days from work and we went for it.  Could we afford it?  Technically yes, though we weren’t planning on it so we did take a wee hit in July making up for it. But, hey, we have to live sometimes, right?!

I still feel regenerated after that trip.  I was desperate for a relaxing vacation and we got one together.  We relayed on the beach all day one day, we had a few adventures, experienced some Puerto Rican culture, had some delicious food, and have wonderful memories.  Now, I can check spontaneous weekend getaway off my list of things to do (does it still count as spontaneous if you booked it ten days prior?).

Why Puerto Rico?

We chose Puerto Rico for three reasons: the flight was under 4 hours from Atlanta, there was a rainforest (El Yunque) there for us to trek through, and they have something called Bioluminescent Bay where we went night kayaking and experienced these little microorganisms that lit up the water and made it shine like diamonds.

Packing Lightly

I’m a believer in packing lightly anyways, but it isn’t as easy as you think to pack lightly for a five day beach trip.  We had a range of activities planned (yes, I know, we were supposed to relax, but we aren’t going to pay to go to the Caribbean just to lay around – we can do that at home!): kayaking, trekking, swimming, snorkeling, and a nice dinner out on the town one day.  Not too mention, I’m a photographer, I definitely brought my DSLR and two of my favorite lenses!  Personally, I’m a Nikon girl and I recently recommend this beauty to a friend as a starter DSLR.

Husband and I each had a carry on suitcase and a backpack.  His was similar to this SwissGear City Pack where it could double as anything we needed it double as and hold some of the non clothing items during the flight, like our snorkeling gear and electronics.  We always bring heavier duty backpacks like this when we travel.  Yeah, it may shout “tourist!”, but when you travel like us (I always plan perfect itineraries in my opinion) and like packing and traveling lightly and economically, it really is so helpful.  Plus, you want to protect your valuables, right?  Like my aforementioned DLSR and any tablets, e-Readers, phones, headsets, etc.

Why We Loved Puerto Rico for Our Babymoon

Day One: we got in late and just chilled at the resort and in the pool.  It was a one hour drive from the airport in San Juan to Fajardo.  We stopped at a spot for some lunch and tried some local cuisine that was definitely delicious.

Day Two: we went to the beach and just set up shop for the day.  It was also my husband’s birthday.  We did a little picture taking, read, did some snorkling (with our own equipment to save money – we dive/snorkel), had some drinks (mine were virgin), and just enjoyed the beautiful scenery.  Then we went back because we had reservations to kayak Bioluminescent Bay.  I do not have pictures from that because it isn’t wise to really bring electronics when you go kayaking, much less at night.  Friends, I tell you that was such an incredible experience!  I honestly think it’s a main reason people go to Puerto Rico and a must-do if you are ever on the island.

Day Three: we drove to the El Yunque rainforest and just walked around, doing some very light hiking because it was very crowded.  Giving up trying to find a parking space, we started to leave when we just happened to find a little beaten path at the very edge of the rainforest we thought we should explore.  This is where we set up shop along the river with the rainforest all around us.  It really was like a scene out of the movies.  The picture above with just me is where we were.  We spent the next few ours there where we chatted about our dreams and our hopes for the baby (not knowing the gender at the time).  That night we tried another restaurant around our resort that had the best piña colada I’ve had in my life.  Did you know piña coladas were invented in Puerto Rico?

Day Four: we had a lazy day, just wanting to spend another day in paradise on the beach.  Had an easy dinner at the resort and then retired early (because we were tired bums).

We left on day five relatively early (an hour to airport with a flight around noon).  We didn’t want to get in too late to Atlanta and home so that we could be well rested to return to work the next day.

So we created a lot of great memories and we didn’t even need our passports!  We had passed through San Juan together on a cruise a few years ago and though we enjoyed it briefly, we weren’t expecting to ever visit Puerto Rico again.  However, we both are so glad that we did.  This trip was perfect!

Quick Tips on Saving Money

  1. Definitely buy your airline tickets on a Tuesday morning.
    Never do it on a weekend.  There was a $150 price difference between Friday night and Tuesday morning.  Obviously, it’s cheaper to buy in advance, but we did it only ten days in advance so we did what we could.  What helped was that we use Delta 98% of the time (honestly, people, Delta is actually very competitive in pricing and is rarely more expensive than other airlines — at least for where we fly).  We used our SkyMiles for husband’s flight and I was able to book my ticket using something I have making it interest-free credit for six months, same as cash.  Maybe that’s ill-advised, but we always pay our credit off quickly, expect with these special offers in which case it’s just nice to not pay everything right away.
  2. Grab yourself a great, heavy duty backpack like this SwissGear City Pack, and bring what you can to save money while traveling.  
    Eg, we bring our own snorkeling gear (saved $20 per person), we bring our own sunscreen (you know sunscreen is incredibly expensive at tourist spots!), and we bring our own nonperishable food items for the plane/car ride/etc.
  3. Grocery shop.
    We always find a local grocery store and stock up on some food items and drinks to hold us over and lower the cost of spending money out.  And even just stocking up on water and bring your own snacks and drinks to the beach is so much cheaper than buying from the waiters in that tiki hut.
  4. Make your pictures your souvenirs.
    I used to buy things when I traveled, but it quickly became excess crap.  Then I just fell in love with taking pictures and stopped buying things.  I create photo books of each vacation and even blow up prints of my favorite photos from that to hang around the house.  It really does bring me back to that memory.  I refuse to put up pictures that weren’t personally taken by husband and I (unless it’s of loved ones or ourselves) because any other artwork just doesn’t have the same effect as a picture from the time we found a picturesque little spot nestled in the Puerto Rican rainforest.  Invest in a great camera, like this Nikon, and you’ll never really need to waste money on hoarding souvenirs again.

Now, friends, spoil yourself with a $25 giftcard to Target so you can go invest in your next trip by picking up a great camera, grabbing a heavy duty backpack, or even just getting some camping gear to really save money and just camp the island of Puerto Rico yourself! (I know someone who just camped throughout Hawaii for a few weeks and I’m totally jealous!)  There really is just so many ways that Target can help you on your next adventure!  Take a look for yourself on their registry here.

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Gender Reveal

We’re having a little Princess Charming.  She’s due December 30.  We are over the moon!  We already know her full name and actually had it picked out years ago.  Our daughter’s name was the only name we could agree on and were in love with.  Our future son’s name?  Well, it’s complicated and to this day we still can’t fully agree.  It’s safe to say we lucked out on dealing with that for a bit longer!

We told our families in kind of the same way.  I made a strawberry cake, cut in to individual slices, and put white icing on each slice with a green “?”.  Everyone had a slice and was able to dig in after first guessing.  In my family, everyone guess boy except my brother — who went on to tell me that he had a dream on my birthday that I was having a girl.  That was so perfectly special to hear!  In husband’s family, the girls guessed girl and the boys guessed boy.  Such sweet memories!  Of course, everyone is excited about a girl.  And I should include that technically my dad refused to play the game and guess saying he was happy to have either.  This is very typical of my dad.

How far along? 22 weeks today

How big is baby? Size of a spaghetti squash/papaya. 11 inches! and almost one pound!

Important baby milestones this week: sweet baby girl is able to hear when I play our song on my phone! She can hear what husband is saying now, too.  Also, she is sleeping 12-14 hours a day.  I guess that explains why for half the day I worry why she isn’t kicking…

Total weight gain: I’m not sure.  I haven’t weighed myself recently.

Symptoms: itchiness, hunger all the time.  I swear, I eat, then baby eats it all, then I need to eat again.  Exhausting.  Oh, and the toilet situation?  It’s real.  It’s not a myth.  I’ll find myself rushing to the bathroom only to barely do anything.  It’s also exhausting.

Maternity clothes? The love of my life after my family. Have you checked out the H&M Maternity line?  But I still only have a handful of dedicated maternity clothes, I can still get away with a lot of my older clothes and, hey, I wear scrubs to work anyways so I don’t go through a lot of clothes during the week.

Exercise?  I work 13 hour days on my feet.  My off days are now my off days completely.  As least for now.

Sleep? And now I’m starting to struggle.  Here’s the thing: I have an extra vertebrae in my lower back and I am supposed to sleep flat on my back with my legs elevated to help prevent extra arching and pinching.  But now, I’m really having trouble breathing when I’m on my back.  So, to breathe or not to breathe? That really is the question my friends.

Movement? Yes!  She’s kicking more and more and I can’t wait till we can start seeing the kicks.

Food Situation hasn’t changed from last time.

What I miss: being able to do things without thinking “Oh wait, can I do this? Let me do a quick Internet search…”

What I’m looking forward to: Baby.  I’m officially getting impatient.
But, the baby shower time/location/date/etc is set and I have two dear friends who are already getting things working on it.  I feel so blessed by them.  Especially since they still have two months… though, to be honest, I’d probably be two months early on it myself if I was planning someone’s shower.  But I just love event planning :)  I am surprised I’m not more opinionated about the shower.  I always thought that I would love a great Pinterest inspired shower in this really awesome theme with the fun games and stuff.  But now?  I’m kind of like, I just want all my friends and family there.  Put on the football game for the guys?  Sure!  I don’t care!  (Don’t worry, no important games are scheduled on the day though.)  Beer?  Of course!  No theme or games?  Whatever works!  I did have one condition: no creepy baby figurines!  Of course, if they do the games/theme/Pinworthy stuff, I would still love it, but it really is more about us being with family and maybe not having the guys come to a pepto-bismal pink girl baby shower and be uncomfortable.  I mean this is the first baby shower for both sides of our family and most of our friends.  Husband and I have no idea why we keep being the guinea pigs…

Milestones: No new milestones.

Say What? I’ve apparently “popped.”  It’s getting harder to keep a secret, not like it is a secret, but it just doesn’t come up in certain conversations.  Now, people at work are asking me.  I’m just waiting for the day a patient decides to ask.

Sweet Moments: every time baby kicks and husband is able to feel her.

Make Room for BabySo, we still have to fix up the kitchen and rework our garage, but we’re kind of not in a terrible rush.  The baby’s room needs to be decided upon for wall decor.  Which wall should have a shelf?  What should we put on the shelf?  I’m not stressed or anything, but I am getting antsy.  If I can’t have my daughter here, I want to at least finish her room.

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August 2014

Mama Bee Butter: I was recommended getting some tummy butter when I said I was starting to itch in July.  Though, I’m itching a lot on my hands and wrists (I use gold bond that has aloe in it for those because they are due to a mild allergic reaction to the hospital hand sanitizer), having this belly butter really helps my stomach.  Maybe it’s psychological, maybe it’s a creepy bonding experience between my hands and my babe, I don’t know.  But my belly doesn’t itch as much and I’d like to think I’m helping keep my tummy skin supple as I grow.

Miu Color Deshedding Tool: I couldn’t brag enough about my love for this fur brush in this post.

Sea Salt Caramel Gelato: We’ve been having the Häagen-Dazs version because it’s about $1 cheaper than the Talenti and just as delicious.  I typically don’t go for sea salt & caramel or sea salt & chocolate creations, but I picked up a little sample of this gelato for husband and I (since we really like Macaroni Grill’s sea salt & caramel gelato) and we fell in love!

H&M Maternity Jeggings: I picked up these from their website.  I’ve previously mentioned how my style has transitioned from skirts and dresses to wearing pants because I just love the feeling of having my belly supported (plus, shopping for maternity pants is a million times better than shopping for jeans when you’re not pregnant!).  I just love all that H&M has to offer in terms of maternity wear!  This baby might just be on my September or October wishlist…

Izze Sparking Juices: I remember picking up a Clementine flavor from Starbucks many years ago so after failing to enjoy the St. Croix sparking flavored waters (tonic? blehk), I decided I would pick up a variety pack from Costco to enjoy on our evenings we sit and eat outside.  Husband loves them just as much as I do and we maybe go through a $13 variety pack in one week.  Maybe that’s not as bad as it sounds, but it’s a good thing I don’t make Costco trips every week or else that’s like $50 a month we would spend on these babies!  I’m pretty sure if we had a financial manager he would tell us the first cost-saving sacrifice we’d have to make is our Izzes.

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We Do Everything Button 300

Hello friends!  We are taking a month of to do a bit of planning for moving forward with the series.  We have new topic ideas and some topics that need a few more contributors.

We have moved the topic of Photography to September 22-26.  I’m looking for contributors to talk about the photography hobby, unrelated to blogging.  Photography related to blogging will be for the Blogging series.

Examples of topics for photography series (which is aimed at helping improve bloggers’ and shop owners’ photography skills as well as those who are photography enthusiasts):

  • Composition/Setting Up Your Shot
  • Camera Gear 101
  • How to Take Great Pictures with Your Phone
  • How to Take Great Pictures with Your Point-and-Shoot
  • Basics of Manual Mode
  • Resources for Image Editing (including free/cheap options)
  • Lighting
  • Photography specialties: babies, events, travel, etc

If any of you are able to work on any of those topics, please comment in this post below!

If you would like to participate in an upcoming series that isn’t photography, please fill out this form here and I’ll be in touch about 4 weeks prior to the series’ schedule to go live.

We Do

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Hi! I’m Paige and I blog over at A Dose of Paige! You may remember me from Amy’s introduction post awhile back! It’s finally time for me to share a fun DIY project with you!

First, let me share a little bit about myself, in case you missed the introduction post. I like to say my blog is a lifestyle meets DIY blog. It definitely took me some time to get to that point though, because I blogged about everything under the sun. Eventually, I realized that when I wasn’t blogging or watching TV (usually The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, Gossip Girl, or Gilmore Girls), I was crafting. So I started blogging about it too.

So when Amy wanted to add contributors to her blog, I jumped at the chance to share more DIY projects!

This one is really simple and easy so I’m sure you’ll like it! Basically, we’re going to take some plain frames and make them pretty!


(Both printables are from Mrs Three in Three)

Let me give you a rundown of the supplies


  • Plain picture frames
  • Pearl Beads
  • Hot glue gun and sticks
  • scissors
  • spray paint primer
  • spray paint in choice of color.

First, you’ll need to glue your beads to the frames. I just left them on the strings they came on because it seemed easier and ALOT faster. Trust me.

Try not to use a ton of hot glue. I did in some places and it doesn’t look super pretty.


Once you’re done, it’s time to take the frames outside or to a well ventilated area, like a garage to spray paint them!

First give them a coat of primer.


Then it’s time to spray them with your spray paint! It’s better to do light thin coats so that the paint doesn’t get all gross.


Simple, right?

I told you.


I hope you enjoyed this project! If you make it, be sure to post it on instagram/twitter and use the hashtag #doseofDIY to share it with me!

What project do you want to see next month?

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