Joules Outfit

Disclaimer: The Charming received the dress as free product in exchange for the feature of JoulesUSA.  All opinions are my own.

Dress: Joules USA // Heels: Bandolino

JoulesUSA-2Oh, gosh, this dress is awesome.  Not only is there pockets (which is always an amazing find in a dress or skirt), but it’s such a nice, light material.  It’s so perfect for summer time!  I think I want to host a garden party now…

Unfortunately, by the time I took pictures, it was after running errands, house cleaning, and cooking for guests so it isn’t as crisp and perfect as when I first put it on, but that’s my own fault for being all 1950′s housewife wearing a dress and heels while vacuuming.  But, that’s just how much I love this dress now.  Husband wasn’t as convinced until I put it on and styled it all up.

I was hosting my in-laws over at our house for my sister-in-law’s birthday celebration.  In my opinion, it was all a success.  Including my new hair color, don’t you love it?  Don’t tell me if you don’t because I adore it!

Anyways, the dress is yours at Joules USA.  I’d love to see if you would style it differently!

Friendships & Married Life


Guess what!  I dyed my hair.  I love it.  Husband loves it.  So I’m keeping it!

So, it seems that the number one thing people want me to do more of on this blog is talk about me. Believe it or not that’s a pretty hard topic. With the exception of my parents and my husband, I’m actually a closed book. Yeah, I have share intimate things with assorted friends but never everything with one person. I guess most people are like that actually?

For instance, I’m one of three married couples I know with the exception of my sister in law and her husband who, yes we love and see often, but they aren’t really in our “circle” or my “circle” of adopted family I guess I will call it.

It kind of stinks when 90% of your friends are single, you know? So, my married banter goes to my one married friend that I’ve known since high school. We’ve actually been through a few similar situations together and she is normally the one I go to when I have a problem that relates to marriage and faith. I mean, sometimes I can’t go to my husband because I need someone to tell me if I’m being rational and my husband will probably almost always tell me I’m not being rational, haha. I’m a woman after all. ;) well, the truth is, he is very analytical so emotion is almost always left out of it so I guess that does give me more of a tendency to being irrational than him.

Otherwise, my core group either consists of the same circle of friends that husband and I had in college, I mean heck, five of them were wedding party!

I think something we’ve learned from being the young married couple is that friends are even more important now than they were before. Yes, Mr. Charming is my very best friend, barely right before my mother, but it’s important as human beings in this 21st century world to develop and cultivate our individuality a little bit.

I always encourage husband to go out and hang out with his guy friends.  He needs to be a man.  As long as they aren’t going to strip clubs, I don’t really care what they do.  I do prefer them do manly things like sports, shooting, white water rafting, go karting, camping, etc, but who am I to mother my husband?  Fortunately, husband likes all those things and so does his friends (and me! Sometimes I totally get jealous…).

Just like it’s almost imperative for him to be with his guy friends, it’s a very welcome idea for me to be with my girl friends.  Gosh, I love them.  Fortunately, my girl friends are the same amount of girly as I am.  Sure, mani/pedis are amazing but a gun range is just as fun!  In fact, I’m trying to organize a girls trip for this summer and I’m kind of hoping the guys might do something, too.  It’s just good for our souls, in my opinion.  {Though I totally hate spending nights away from the husband…)

I’m definitely a little out of touch though being a young married woman around my friends.  By the way, I’ve always been the youngest one in my group.  Like the median age of all my friends is 3 years older than I am with 3-5 of them being almost a decade older than me.  But I digress!  My point is my good friend is meeting people through Tinder.  She showed husband and I how it worked and we were totally that couple who were playing around with the app together trying to figure it out… Man, our friends were looking at us figure it out like we were grandparents trying to understand how to text message.  Eh, c’est la vie.

I’m so worried about what’s going to happen when we have kids.  These people will most definitely be godparents, but I hope they won’t feel weird hanging out with us with kids in tow!

Questions for you all (if you’ve made it this far):

If you’re married, like me, what do you do with your non-married friends?

If you’re not married but have married friends, what’s it like for you?  I try my best to avoid talking about marriage with them, but maybe I’m crazy? Ha.

What I’m Loving in April 2014

April 2014Camera Bag from Epiphanie | Dress from Joules USA | Threes | Shoes by Blowfish | CookSmartsBangle by Givenchy

Why I’m loving:

The Brooklyn Bag by Epiphanie
I needed a book bag version of a camera bag forever.  I have a misaligned spine so carrying around heavy purses (especially filled with camera equipment) causes headaches and muscle aches a little bit quicker than it does for others.  The reason I go for the girly versions is because when I’m traveling I need a bag that doubles as something… well not ugly and bulky.  For instance, I wanted something that can transition from day to night (read: fancy restaurant) without screaming that I’m a tourist too loudly.  Plus, what woman would take the alternatives for camera backpack gear over this beauty?

This Dress by JoulesUSA
I have kind of a more classy style.  I mean I’ve been known to wear heels to the movies with a girlfriend.  I just love dresses, skirts, and dresses.  I rarely wear jeans and if I do it’s because I can’t get away with something else.  I love that this dress is unique.  It’s longer than most dresses come now-a-days, but not too long (hits at about knee-length for my short frame).  The sleeves are adorable and to me this could easily be dressed up or dressed down.  You can learn how I wore it on Wednesday this week.

I blame my interest in this app on my husband.  It gets a little annoying but I keep coming back.  We ended up introducing the game to his family and we had me playing on my phone, husband’s father and sister alternating playing on husband’s iPad, husband playing on his phone, and husband’s brother-in-law playing on my tablet.  Yep, it’s addicting.  And it’s a love/hate relationship.  I am currently the reigning champ… and it was a pure fluke.  I haven’t even come close to that score since…

Blowfish Flats
There are two brands that I swear by when it comes to comfortable flats: Blowfish and Rocketdog.  I love them.  I picked up this pair for my upcoming vacation (because they are a color that can go with anything and a color I didn’t already have).  Of course, they are comfortable and I love them.  Got them for $13 on Amazon, too!

Another introduction from Mr. Charming.  We started this e-meals type service last month (for $8/month who wouldn’t?).  They create a meal plan and grocery list for you making life oh so easy.  I used to spend hours trying to figure out a meal plan that suited our diet and had re-usable products (I hate buying one item and using it only for one recipe and then having it left over to sit in the fridge).  CookSmarts does all of that for you.  You can choose your diet preference to alter the recipe as needed (vegetarian, paleo, or gluten-free).  Fridays during Lent we’ve been doing the vegetarian and then alternate between regular, paleo, and gluten-free on the other meals.  We really just love the food (all recipes under one hour — usually 20-40 minutes — start to belly) and I love that it saves me time!

Givenchy Bangle
My sister-in-law wanted a bracelet that would go with her watch.  Her watch had a very unique band so she wanted something that would go well with it.  I figured a small bangle like this would go perfect… I loved it so much I snatched up one for me.  A girl loves her sparkle, right?

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Summer Style with SammyDress

SammyDressSkirt: // Top: Walmart // Heels: Payless // Purse: DSW

So, I’ve been needing a new white skirt for awhile.  This one just happens to be perfect.  It’s more than just a boring skirt and I love the flare.  I feel like most department stores or major clothing brands either have mini skirts or pencil skirts and those just really aren’t my style.  Stumbling upon this skirt by SammyDress was just the perfect little find to kick of warmer weather!

In case you haven’t heard of SammyDress, let me fill you in: SammyDress is an online store where you can buy fashionable items for less.  Typically they sell items in bulk at reduced prices, but you can also buy as you need!  When asked to find something to review and feature, it was so difficult narrowing down options!  I typically head straight for the dresses, but I really needed a new white skirt and I just fell in love with this one.

The skirt arrived in great condition, I just threw it in the dryer on a low setting for a few minutes to get the inevitable wrinkles out and voila!  The skirt and I were good to go for a night out.  How do you think I styled it?  Looking back, I maybe could have done a different top, but I just loved that it went so well with the color of my shoes.

SammyDress has more than just women’s clothes.  In many ways it’s like an all-in-one stop for men’s fashion, shoes, accessories, home, and kids!  If you check it out, I guarantee you will be browsing around for quite a bit of time.  Though you can definitely find some great home pieces, the home decor options are definitely a bit eclectic so it’s a bit much when searching for something if you don’t know what you’re looking for… though I guess that’s every business’ dream, right?  Regardless, as someone who’s trying to update her wardrobe, I’m sticking to the clothing and accessories section.  See if there’s something for you at SammyDress!