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Einstein Brothers coffee with a toasted pumpkin bagel topped with pumpkin smear.  Yep, delicious.  When I have an early morning that doesn’t include work, I love stopping by Einstein for this magic combination.

ASOS.com  I’ve loved ASOS for a long time, but now that I’m pregnant and I’m in need of maternity clothes, I’m even more in love.  I’d say ASOS has affordable clothing options — which they do — but that also have a lovely selection of dress-up items for any price point.  I didn’t spend much time on my bridal shower dress or my rehearsal dinner outfit and for both just threw something together.  For our baby shower, I wanted to actually put some thought into the dress and not just go for something cheap that looks good.  ASOS has so many options, including the exact dress I had in mind.  I’m so excited to wear the dress tomorrow to celebrate our little girl with loved ones.

Lindt Crunchy Nougat.  Deliciousness for chocolate lovers everywhere.

Moroccan Argan Oil.  I put this oil on my dry hair to add some moisture to my hair, especially as the months get drier.  It also helps soften and tame my hair, particularly when it’s maybe day two since I’ve washed my hair.

Energems.  I love Energems to just pop in my mouth when I need an energy boost.  There are three flavors: chocolate, mint, and peanut butter.  They are all tasty and really do the trick to boost my energy!  The first time I had a serving, I went and cleaned the house for a good couple of hours.

LG G3.  I was originally a Samsung girl, but needed a switch to something new.  The LG G3 is perfect and I am totally in love with my new phone.  The camera, it’s Android, the customization, the size, the screen resolution, the power, it’s just my new best friend!

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Let’s talk flowers . . .
Just like fashion, there are seasonal trends in floral arranging, too. This fall, the “it” bouquets feature saturated tones, earthy accents and layered textures.
When arranging your next assortment, keep these things in mind:
  • Fuchsia and orange roses add the perfect punch of color.
  • Sunflowers act as the focal point of an arrangement–they like being the largest flower in the bunch.
  • The best autumn fillers are cattails, button pons and springs of wheat.
Looking for more ways to decorate your place this fall? Read our Fall re-Fresh post here (link: http://thecharmingblog.com/2014/09/10/a-fall-re-fresh/).

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London Fashion Week not only showed brilliant creativity in fashion design but anyone who was deemed important enough was sent a pair of Google glasses (referred to as Google Glass) so that with one weeny quartz screen the wearer can phone, email, video, listen to music and of course browse Google. You have to connect to WiFi so that you can then do all that hands free.

Some of the glasses have been designed by Diane von Furstenberg and at the end of her New York show she filmed her audience as she sashayed down the catwalk to take her ovation. Very futuristic.

You have to teach the Google Glass to recognise your voice. Tap the side of the glasses arm, wink to activate the wink-recognition activator, if people do not recognise that you are wearing the latest technology they may think your body language is very strange.

Apple have just launched the Apple Watch. Samsung have several versions of its Smartband, which is a bracelet.

The price for Google Glass is £1,250 a similar price to a luxury handbag and some would consider this this season’s “must have” accessory.

There is still however something uber cool about a good old fashioned big dial watch from Olivia Burton, or a bracelet from Uno de 50.

One thing is certain though wearable technology is this year’s biggest fashion statement.

Jan Schutt is director of Sunday Best and loves to write fashion tips on fashion blogs.

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Your daily teaser for fall fashion inspiration brought to you by Reasons to Dress:

The Fall has arrived! Here’s a mom-friendly edit of the must haves to help you update your cool weather look.  With these key pieces not only will you be ready for that school run in no time but you’ll be stylishly on trend for Autumn, sticky fingerprints and all!

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Your daily teaser for fall fashion inspiration brought to you by Honestly Kate:

I love scarves. Apparently, I have a collection that includes fifteen(!) of them. However, actually wearing a scarf outside of the middle of winter always makes me feel awkward. Today, I’m pushing past my comfort zone and finding ways to make my scarves work for everyday life – not just when I’m headed outside and it’s snowing.

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