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Hello, friends!


How is your day going?


I recently decided to start growing my blog.

I found that I love reading blogs and I love blogging and finding my voice in this world.


Therefore, I am offering various advertising options to those who maybe also want to grow

their blog and voice in the blogging community as well.  In return, please feel free to take one of my buttons to display on your blog!


Google Friend Connect = 648
Bloglovin’ & Hellocotton = 140+
Twitter = 613
Facebook = 377
Pinterest = 120+
Instagram = 150+
Total reach as of December 30, 2012 = 2,000+

I have 3-5 posts per week and I focus on art, inspiration, and wellness with the occasional post on fashion, life, recipes, and DIY.

Though my statistics are still pretty humble, they have definitely been growing!

This is a full circle blog, which means that ad money I receive goes right back into me sponsoring other blogs that I believe in and want to help out, but that will also bring traffic to your blog. =)  Also, the money goes into giveaways both on this blog (milestone giveaways) and on other blogs.

How advertising on TC works

I advertise to help out fellow bloggers in this wonderful blogging community.  I don’t want to get my advertisers and sponsors lost in the crowd so I don’t want to do group sponsor posts or have too many bloggers contribute to a giveaway, because I value each and every one of your and want to have a place for you to shine as much as possible.  With that said, I will only have four sponsor spots available each month to bloggers that one more individualized attention.  All four of these sponsors can have an individual guest post, have the option to do a giveaway, and will be given social media love.  Three of these ad spots are Large Ads and one of these spots are for Featured Ad sponsors.  The Featured Ad, though we’ve had the name in the past, is an updated and improved concept.  You can read below for more information, but it is essentially everything you get in the large ad space, but more personalized love and attention from me.


I am accepting products for review.  I will post examples for my reviews on this page shortly.  Since I have a wide variety of interests and since my blog has a diversity of topics as well, I am more than willing to review a variety of types of products.  Though I do try to find positives about every product, I do make sure my reviews are 100% honest and reflective of my opinions.  Contact me if you would like me to review your product!


Review examples:

Digital Scrapbook Software | iPhone 4/4S Case | Eyeglasses | Picaboo v Shutterfly


Thank you & have a charming day!