Happy December!

To kick off the month, I’m featuring an easy, super affordable DIY stocking stuffer!

Happy Crafting, friends!

Baker’s twine, washi tape, and gift wrap items courtesy of Bahana Splits Boutique.

You will need:

– a lightbulb container, I found mine from Hobby Lobby for like $1

– a computer and printer

– optional: embellishments


  1. Search for quotes, facts, or write personal love/inspiration notes.
  2. Print them off, cut them out, fold them, and stuff them in the bottle.
  3. Decorate & enhance with fun items such as baker’s twine, washi tape, and assorted paper products.

Bahana Splits Boutique has such a great selection of items for all sorts of packaging and gift wrapping needs.  And for The Charming Holiday magazine readers, you get a special discount for the holiday season!