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First of all, a big congrats to Amy and Duncan on their precious wedding! What a beautiful couple! I am so glad that I get to share about marriage today because I really just stinking love. I wanted to share a few “tips” that I’ve learned during my 1 year and 8 months of marriage. Some may be a little common sense and some may be a little of a surprise, but either way, it’s all a learning process.


You have to communicate things. 

– I think most all of our arguments end up starting from a breakdown in communication. Honestly, I’m usually the one at fault. My husband is such a great communicator and he wants to speak his feelings and then get over it and be done with it. But I’m a typical crazy woman…and I want to pout and give the silent treatment and bring it up again two hours later. Needless to say, I’ve had to learn how to put the childish ways aside and just communicate openly and honestly from the start. It makes things much smoother.


Not every single day will be “the best day of your marriage.”

– There will be bad days in your marriage, whether it’s from fighting or just being tired or other stress in life. And that’s okay. Not every single day can be the best day. Marriage is not about each day being great…it’s about being together in ALL the days…the good and the bad, the great and the not so great.


Do not compare your marriage/relationship with others.

– This one is KEY! I cannot even tell y’all how many times I hear women and men compare their marriages/spouses to others…and that’s just a step towards feeling discontent and unhappy. No two marriages should be the same because we are all different. God knew exactly what each of us needed in marriage and He made a partner designed for each of us. He knows what He’s doing.


Sometimes marriage feels like a big slumber party and it’s awesome.

– There are days and nights where I just stop and think, “Really?! We are married! We get to be best friends and snuggle all night and it’s the best thing ever!” Marriage is SO fun and makes life a lot better.


Men and women are different…so different. Let the little things go.

– There are just some things that men and women will never agree on, so let those things go and learn to laugh about them! My husband is the world’s worst about rinsing his dishes off after eating so that when I find one, it’s caked with food and really hard to get off. But I honestly don’t think it’s worth fighting about and I just remind him to wash them off. There are probably things that I do that drive him crazy, too! Let the little things slide. It’ll make all the difference.


And above all else, just enjoy marriage and the blessing that is having a best friend and a support person right there to go through every step of life with. Thank the Lord for your spouse and appreciate them, even when they are doing things wrong. Give love willingly…never hold love back to prove a point.


Thanks for having me, Amy! Wishing y’all a long and happy marriage!

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