Why I Took a Break from Blogging

8Aug15Well, because I needed to.

I became a mom.  I went back to work as a nurse.  And I still had to find time to be a housewife.

It rocks.  I love my life.  But something was definitely slipping away and for my sanity I needed it to.

I have big dreams for this blog.  Not saying I dream of being a full time professional blog or because I want to sign a deal with any major brand to do x, y, and z.  I simply dream to build a place online where I can build connections with others.  It’s why I firmly refuse to commit to any “one” niche: parenting, home, marriage, etc.  I have lots of passions and I know I’m not alone.  I want to encourage, inspire, and introduce you all to ideas and products that could better your life and in return I want to be encouraged, be inspired, and be introduced to new ideas and products.  It’s a wonderful circle.

And I was getting to the point where I couldn’t do that.  Though I’m not sure if I can completely now, but I am going to try.  Because I miss being a part of this wonderful community.  I have met some truly inspiring people and have started friendships.  And, I need this as at least as a hobby.  I would find myself twiddling my thumbs one day and you know what?  I would think about a great blog post.  I would discover a new product and I would want to review it and share it with you.  I wanted to reach out when I had a parenting question and didn’t really know where to turn but got the best advice from one of your blog posts.  When my husband and I were having difficulties, I turned to a favorite marriage blogger of mine to at least begin to get some ideas.

I took a break for more than my sanity.  But also so that I can make sure when I come back I can give more of myself and higher quality content.  Because I don’t want to do anything half-ass… if I can help it at least.

I mean, I went from pregnancy brain to mama brain folks, and it’s a real thing.

So get ready for my comeback/return.  Please read yesterday’s State of the Blog for more on how I’m moving forward and We’re Back post from Monday on what you can expect on the blog this month!

And please say hello below or on social media.  Feel free to email me.  I’ve missed a lot so catch me up on anything and everything!


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State of the Blog

State of the blog

Coming back, I knew that meant I needed to buckle down on my “vision” for the blog.  I’ve always attempted but never quite fully executed it before.  The beauty of doing your own thing is you are in control, so I’m sure, like with many brands, updates and tweaks happen as often as they need to.  But here is how the blog will move forward now that I’m back:


As of right now, I’m simplifying.  I used to love Twitter, but since I went on hiatus, I found I never logged in.  I think Instagram and Periscope are changing the face of the social media platform.  Facebook plateaued awhile ago, and though there are still great reasons for it, it’s definitely no longer the preferred platform.  With that said, Instagram will remain the best way to connect with me.  I will still put effort into Facebook, but only as long as it makes sense.  I will attempt Periscope before having an official opinion/decision on that app.  Google+ has SEO advantages so, like everyone else, that will still be background noise as a lot of my blog automatically posts to that anyways.  Twitter will probably be the same in that aspect.


I have four wonderful monthly contributors that will post on the following topics: lifestyle, food, parenting, DIY, and wellness.  These are paid positions and I no longer have any openings.  I hope to eventually increase their pay before I open up more paid positions, but I will let you know should any positions come available.

I open the blog up to collaborators and guest bloggers because they bring new perspectives and expertise where sometimes I cannot.  Plus, they bring a fresh face.  I will continue to offer guest post spots with my advertising (see below) in the hopes of also doing this, but I will be more intentional and mindful of the content quality and frequency.


I will not be the newest mommy blog.  I love my daughter, but I’m more than a mom.  I love technology, business and branding, fashion, etc.  This blog will be less all over the place, even though there are many passions I would love to include.  I need to simplify however and so in addition to the four contributor categories, you’ll see more of my The Better Blog Series, technology, life updates, and the occasional other lifestyle categories.


If you would like to be on my sidebar, I take a limited number because I really want to go above and beyond and work behind the scenes with you.  Let me know if you would like to advertise by starting at my advertise page.

Guest Posts

I take a very limited amount of guest post content on my blog.  I already commit to five paid spots per month with my contributors.  Any more than that will be on a very select basis.  This includes sponsored content.  I will, however, accept collaborations for money and financial posts as well as business related posts.

Feel free to get in touch if you’d like to work together or if you have any questions.

We’re Back

Are you ready for a revamped (ish) blog here?  I am!

I’m not going into all the details today simply saying helllooo again!  I have a little event calendar to get y’all as excited as I am for this month, including four hand-picked and curated giveaways.  I’m trying to make it interactive so we can get reacquainted with each other again.

My life is dramatically different than where I was last year and it’s still pretty different than when I left you all in April.  If you follow me on Instagram you are probably pretty up to date, but I’m going to make more of an effort to give updates on my personal life since many of you request I add a little bit more of me and my life into this blog.

In the meantime, get ready for a month of great content, news, life updates, tips, giveaways, link ups, and fun!

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