Quilted Boots & Dotted Babes

24jan2015Button Up Shirt: unknown // Jeans: H&M Maternity // Boots: HauteLook

Those boots just arrived last week and I am obsessed.  I’ve been looking to replace my old pair of black boots that I’m not going to lie I got at Walmart on a whim for $20.  I got some compliments on them, though, but I wanted something different in terms of style and I’m so happy I got these!

Anyways, a few thoughts on motherhood:

Being a mom is wonderful.  It’s a path I always knew I wanted but never believed I was ready for — does anyone ever feel completely ready?  Today, I have a six week old.  Though the shock has worn off (you know the “can you believe we have one of these?!”), the love lust continues.  As Valentine’s Day approaches, I’m seeing a lot of posts about date night ideas and such.  I recently read an inquiry about what we do as couples for fun date night ins… well, I certainly recommend adding a newborn.  I swear we can be pretty entertained just looking at her and we just love seeing one another as parents.

My husband recently commented I’m different than how he expected I would be.  He says I’m more patient and more calm than he predicted.  Well, I was a type A, over-analytic, always “on” person before.  Now, I definitely would say I’m a wee more go with the flow.  He also comments how it comes so naturally to me considering I never read any books (he does that for me).  To my credit, I went to nursing school, did two semesters of pediatrics, and then was a nanny/frequent babysitter for two infants.  Believe me, before all that I was definitely freaking out about just touching them, similar to how my husband is now.

But six weeks.  My goodness.  Time sure flies.  I can remember that first week so well and I hope to carry those memories with me for a long time.


I dressed her in a Carter’s top, some jean leggings from Gap, and Zutano booties.

Husband thinks she’s just adorable in this outfit.  Ignore the fact that her face says she’s fussy.  I think she just didn’t want to be in that position but I wanted her face in the picture!

Now that she is finally out of the newborn size and into 0-3 month sizing, I have so much adorableness to dress her in!  I’m so excited.  Ah, I love having a girl to dress.