DIY Yarn Wall Hanging

DIY Yarn Wall Hanging

A guest DIY post by The Lolly Project.

Some of my favorite things to create are different pieces of wall art.  After some quick brainstorming and surveying of the craft supplies, I decided to create a super easy wall hanging DIY – no weaving needed!


  1. various colored yarn
  2. scissors
  3. wooden dowel or thin branch
  4. beads


Take your yarn and measure out ten wingspans of each color.  Take one piece of yarn and, starting from the middle, create a loop and place it under the dowel.  Pull the two vertical strands through the loop and secure (images below).  Repeat those same steps until you have your desired size, and cut off any extra yarn at the bottom, creating your desired length.

Creating the loop

Take another length of yarn and attach it to each side of the dowel, enabling you to hang it on the wall!  I added a few beads to the ends, but feel free to customize it!

There you have it!  A super simple wall hanging that takes almost no time and no expertise in crafting!  It compliments any gallery wall and looks great with or without other pieces, like that flag from Flag Fest! Happy crafting!

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