Updated Tray + Coffee Table Decor

Upgraded tray-1I was growing a little tired of my zebra tray from 2008.  Then after getting inspired from a recent walk-through of Anthropologie and West Elm, I decided to do a little upgrading.

Upgraded tray-2

Upgraded tray-3Upgrading the tray cost less than $5 to buy gift wrap and tape, unless you already have them!  I used tape because you can get tape nice and flat to seal the gift wrap down, whereas a glue would show up as a glue line (unless you used glue sticks, but that won’t work for all tray surfaces).  I also thought that tape would be nice and temporary in case I get bored in another 7 years!

I recommend doing more exact measurements with the gift wrap to make sure everything aligns correctly.  With a newborn, I did the quick eyeball method.  It turned out good enough so I left it.


Upgraded tray-4

For the rest of coffee table decor update, I used the upgraded tray and just added decor on top of it.  I spent less than $20 on the fake succulent and the gold-rimmed faceted terrarium ($29-39 from West Elm) at Hobby Lobby, then I used books that I already owned.

Upgraded tray-5

I’m very happy with how the whole thing turned out.  I matched the gift wrap of the tray with the gold rimmed terrarium/planter on purpose and liked the green succulent as a secondary splash of color with the black and white of the books and the tray.

This isn’t actually the decor for our coffee table, though.  We have an entertainment console that we used to put our television on.  Then, we mounted it and were left with an empty table in front of the wall.  It looked awkward so I’ve been trying to find a low-profile solution to fill the space.  I’m very happy to have found this modern solution!  Enjoy!

Upgraded tray-6


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