Winter Blues + Life Lately

Winter Blues in Madison-1

Scarf: gift from a local boutique • Jacket: Amazon
Pants: JCrew • Flats: Express (no longer available online)

How are all of you doing?  Well, I hope.  Ignore the nude socks in the above picture.  How else am I supposed to keep my feet warm when I wear flats in the winter?  Maybe it’s a fashion no-no, but I love these flats and my husband approved this outfit so I’m okay with it! (PS, I totally borrowed his work socks to wear these flats).

Winter Blues in Madison-2

It’s definitely been awhile, but not because I haven’t been thinking about you all!  Motherhood is going really well.  I started back at work a day a week just to get back in the swing of things.  I love my job and I certainly missed it.  Husband has been figuring out how to be the only babysitter and I feel for him because it’s not as easy for him (I mean, he can’t just pop her on his boob if she’s hungry… as he so eloquently puts it.  She has to wait for milk and then she gets even fussier.)  Poor guy, he’ll get the hang of it, right?

A few other personal things has been going on.  My dad hasn’t been doing too well health wise so we’re in the process of figuring out the next steps.  It looks like we have surgery on the horizon very soon (like within a week or two), and for now that’s all we know.  Positive thoughts would be very much appreciated.  As expected, this has thrown us all for a bit of a loop.

Baby girl is growing and so lovely.  We all are very smitten with her and we’re enjoying the routine we have now while it lasts!  Make sure to follow along on Instagram to get a little more of our family updates.


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