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Last week, I opened the floor for you to ask me questions.  I got a few great ones, but haven’t gotten around to writing the post…. so I thought I’d give it one last shout out for all of you to ask me any question you want: random, serious, embarrassing, silly, etc.  I will be honest and maybe something fun/awesome/comical will come out of it ;)  You can ask in the comments or by emailing me here.  I’ve decided that the questions will be anonymous when shared on the blog.

Looking for a once-a-month guest poster who wants to chat about beauty/fashion, money/finances, or health/wellness/fitness.  Any of the the three topics are currently up for grabs and I’m only asking for a small commitment of one post a month.  I’d feature you on the sidebar and promote the post as if it were my own.  But I would love to open this space to people who have a different mind/voice/knowledge base than I do to help round out some of the posts featured.  Email me if you are interested and I would love to have you on the TC team!

Weekend Reads

Why Atlantans freak out during snowstorms, creating national news this week.

The green smoothie craze lives on (and for a good reason!).  Learn the basics behind making a green smoothie with this how-to.

How to Protect Your Online Identity by Pink on the Cheek.

7 Ways a husband injures his wife without even knowing it.

& 7 Ways a wife injures her husband without even knowing it (yes, I’m guilty of a few of these).

Teacher friends, how would you handle this situation with the littler of your students?

Splurge versus Save: beauty products and tips by Because of Jackie.

I just discovered HonestSlogans.com and it cracks me up!

Have you met Chelsea?  I have known her for at least a year (she was a lovely contributor for last year’s We Do: Design 2013).  Anyways, she’s on the sidebar this month and I’m delighted to feature her!

While you’re at it, don’t forget to meet my good blogger and fellow Georgian friend, Emily!  She is such a peach (pun intended?) and has something exciting heading your way next week!

Stroll through Central park with beauty & truth.

Read about the products that became my best friends in 2013.  Maybe you’ll have a new friend by the end of the post yourself!

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